wa: a feeling of harmony and peace in everything from cuisine to service to design

This essence of wa, synchronized in concert with the finest cuts of high-quality Japanese Wagyu, together create the heartbeat and unique experience within this upscale Yakiniku restaurant.

Offering an a la carte menu that allows you to enjoy exceptional quality of Japanese A5 Wagyu in a variety of cuts and cooking styles, along with a seasonal tasting menu featuring premium cuts of A5 Wagyu accompanied by hand-crafted sauces and small dishes from Japan with locally sourced ingredients, Nikutei Futago is the first US location of the globally acclaimed concept.


The restaurant’s namesake stems from nikutei, a special space that connects the everyday and extraordinary to make for a memorable experience, combined with a nod to the Japanese founding Lee brothers, who are twins (futago).

Born in Osaka, Japan, the Lee brothers have developed their own unique “Futago-style” of yakiniku and have become known for high-quality Wagyu and fresh ingredients, enlivened spaces and omotenashi, the warmest hospitality you can imagine.

Founded in 2010, the Futago company portfolio is expansive, with a variety of concepts in more than 100 locations across Hong Kong and Japan. Futago’s hip, casual Yakiniku Futago concept has been an essential Japanese steakhouse hotspot in Chelsea since May 2015.


Iki: chic, stylish, lively and fun. The romance of a Geisha, the valor of a Samurai and the resignation of Buddha.

Leave the rush of W. Broadway behind as you enter through a lush garden into a Zen celebration of the senses. Through subtle and sophisticated design, complemented by warm and gracious service, the spirit of Iki is core to the experience at Nikutei Futago.

IKI is present in all we do:

Iki (活)ー We serve only the freshest of ingredients, served in an ambiance that is energized and lively.

Iki (息)ー Service is paced according to our guest’s “breath”, offering an enjoyable and comfortable experience.

Iki (粋)ー Chic, stylish and sophisticated, an evening at Nikutei Futago is both elevated and extraordinary.

Iki (意気) ー Moments of whimsical, spontaneous, spirited excitement and fun will delight guests and define this unique and memorable dining experience.


An evening at Nikutei offers the comfort and exclusiveness of being invited as a special guest to someone’s home. With only 38 seats, tables are arranged in rooms, offering a discreet and intimate dining experience with private Shoji (sliding doors) and or semi-private Noren linen curtains dividing the areas.

We offer our guests two dining experiences to choose from. The first is our a la carte menu, where you can experience rare cuts and outstanding quality A5 wagyu. The second is our A5 wagyu tasting dinner, where our chef will personally select the best offerings of the day for you to savor and relax.  Whichever dining experience our guests choose, the inviting aroma of our dishes will fill the air. Each table is equipped with submerged, ventilated grills, creating a captivating and interactive grilling experience for everyone involved. Our skilled grill concierge will quickly sear the beef to perfection and serve it immediately, maximizing the flavors and ensuring a delectable and rewarding dining experience.

To complement the experience, an extensive list of carefully selected beers, wines and earthy, full-bodied sakes will be presented to pair with the meal.


Our commitment to serve only the finest cuts of authentic Japanese Wagyu is something we take seriously. At NIKUTEI FUTAGO, only authentic Japanese A5 Wagyu is called as such on the menu, with all other breeds specified separately. Quality is paramount and only the highest possible classifications, imported from trusted Japanese purveyors, are served.

The quality of the Wagyu is imperative, but the education, experience and authenticity of the staff are supreme at NIKUTEI FUTAGO. Expertly handling, cutting, and presenting the beef is critical to the flavor and the guest experience, thus leaders take hiring, training, and service as seriously as quality.

The Lee brothers wish for every guest experiencing NIKUTEI FUTAGO to feel the wa and Iki, delight in the Wagyu and walk away saying “WOW”.

Our Location

341 West Broadway
New York, New York 10013

Lunch: 12:00pm to 3:30pm, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
Last seating at 2:30pm
Lunch at Nikutei Futago will begin November 17th

Dinner: 5:00pm to 11:00pm
Last seating for the tasting course - 8:45pm
Last seating for a la carte menu - 9:30pm
Tuesday- Sunday


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341 W Broadway New York, NY 10013
[email protected]